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Brave in Business: The Badass Veterans Storming Fashion's Ivory Towers

by Stacy Gentile on February 10, 2024

Listen up, you glorious bastards. The fashion world's got a fresh infusion of realness, and it's courtesy of the last folks you'd expect: our very own battle-hardened, no-shit-taking veterans. That's right, these hard-charging heroes are swapping fatigues for fabrics and are here to school the fashion elite on what real style looks like. We are talking about companies such as Veterans Shirts (, Grunt Style, Nineline Apparel, Ranger Up and others.

Trading Camo for Couture

Who would've thought the leap from dodging IEDs to designing tees could be so damn seamless? These vets are using the grit, guts, and gumption from their service days to carve out a niche in the fluff-filled world of fashion. And guess what? They're crushing it. Many of these companies are making over $50M a year and employing hundreds of veterans. Many of them even have their very own charitable foundations where they give back to the community.

Veteran Tees and Patriotic Shirts are all the rage

Forget about cookie-cutter crap that falls apart faster than a politician's promises. Veteran-owned brands are dishing out gear that's as sturdy as a tank and slicker than a greased bullet. These threads come with a backstory of bravery, a hint of heroism, and a whole lot of attitude. Many of these modern day military billboards (you can wear) are statement pieces in their own right. If the military has one thing going for it, its that they have their very own language.

When you buy from these vet-founded fashion houses, it's more than a transaction; it's like a secret handshake. It's a nod to the unspoken bond that says, "Yeah, I know what you've been through, and I've got your back."
Fashion with a Side of F*ck Yeah

These aren't just brands; they're missions with a side of merch.

With every sale, they're tackling the tough stuff – PTSD, Child Trafficking, Veteran Homelessness, you name it. So, every time you rock their gear, you're not just looking sharp; you're sharpshooting for a cause. Its an easy way for the community to take care of itself.

In Conclusion

So, there you have it. The fashion world might be full of posers and peacocks, but these veteran-owned brands are bringing the thunder with authenticity, integrity, and a healthy dose of badassery. It's time to suit up, show support, and maybe, just maybe, teach those fashionistas a thing or two about real style. And something else thats cool between all of these companies, is there isn't this hard competitive edge. We understand each other and we are there to propel the industry as a whole. Its a family business afterall. The military family!

Ready to gear up with the finest battle-tested threads? Storm the front at and join the ranks of the stylishly savage.

Remember, fellas, in the war on bland, be the hero your wardrobe deserves.