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Every purchase you make, helps us support these and many more charities, good works and our efforts to free the oppressed. We are much more than just a Veteran T-Shirt company. We are a community of veterans hell bent on making the world a better place. 

How To Donate

1. Add a shirt to your shopping cart. 

2. At checkout, there will be a section to "Add A Tip". Select your amount or insert your custom amount. 

3. Complete your purchase. We will distribute Donations where they can be the most effective. Below are some of the organizations we we support the most. 

Operation North Star Logo
Operation North Star

This volunteer organization of current and former SOF members is actively aiding in the evacuation of Americans and Allies from Afghanistan that were left behind after the US Governments rapid pull out.

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V4CR Logo

Veterans for Child Rescue is a non-profit dedicated to raising awareness about the epidemic of child trafficking that's happening right here in the United States and exposing the fastest growing criminal enterprise.

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Flanders Fields Logo
Flanders Fields

Flanders Fields mission is to ensure that each and every Veteran has a helping hand when they need one. This mission extends to all US Veterans and their families, and also includes foreign allies who served our nation.

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CCV logo
CCV Missions

Christ's Church of The Valley is a Christian organization with missions all around the world, focusing on medical services, housing, child sex trafficking and spreading the word of Jesus Christ.

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